Friday, January 18, 2008

Good so far...

Cody has been handling things pretty well so far. He did sleep quite a while yesterday. He went to sleep around 7pm and really only woke up to pee most of the night. He took his meds great for me last night and today. He really doesn't want that tube in his nose. We have two more nights at the hospital so we pray it continues to go this well.

I started running again. I just couldn't take gaining weight again. This morning I got up at 6:30 and ran through Georgetown, over the Key Bridge to VA and back again. I took a few pictures for my runner friends.

I'm not sure if any of you know this famous place is.. Give up? It's the stairs that the priest fell down in the Exorcist. As you can see the steam coming off my head and hands adds a cool special affect.

Yes before you ask I did run up the stairs.. Just to say I did it.. :D

Here you can see the Washington Monument from the Key Bridge right before sunrise.

Here is Georgetown when running back.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mickey,
I have been checking again & again
all day. Cody looks good with all
that he been going thru. He certainly is a SUPER HERO..... As I
said before,the blog makes me feel
close even tho we are miles apart. I received the box yesterday and that
LADY BUG is beautiful. When I get to the store I'll try to find a nice card to send. She needs to let me pay her something.. I did not know until today that it had a
beatiful L.B. ncecklace inside....
Please tell Cody Grandma loves him.
Till tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the running pix Mickey !!Love those early morning runs with the sun rising ! Glad you got out there !
Super glad that Cody is doing well this visit. I hope it continues smoothly and you are home a a few days !
Running will help with all the stress--go for it.
Positive thoughts and prayers continue. G2G

Mysol said...

One night down, two to go. Way to go Cody. Mickey - nice pics. It's good to hear that you are trying to get your running in. You and dw need some relief.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear cody is doing well. Thanks for the photo of the stairway. It's a real head turner.
Keep fighting the good fight!

Trish said...

I think that Cody's cooperation might show that he is really understanding that although everything he has to endure really sucks it is all meant to make him better. He is becomming a fuller participant in his treatment, an amazing thing for a 5 year old. Hope you enjoyed your run.

- Trish

Gettin Older said...

Glad you were able to get out. Thanks for the pictures and good to see you on the boards.

BTW, if you get a chance, take a look at my Houston pictures. I was thinking about you and Cody for most of the 26.2 miles :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,
Cody looks wonderful and I know that all that steam off your big head sure must feel great :o)
I'm glad you got to run a bit. Hugs and Kisses to Diane and the kids. BigSis