Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here are a couple of Miley photos.

We scanned these pictures of the kids with Hanna Montana last night. The kids want to take them to school to show their friends so Diane made copies for them to take. Daniela is so happy and Justin looks like he is taking the best looking girl to the prom. When I get the other photos I'll post them also.. If you don't know already, you can click on any of the photos I post to get a better look.


Anonymous said...

Daniela looks like she was really excited about meeting Miley. Justin looks so proud, you said it Mickey "like he is taking the best looking girl to the prom". Nice!


Gettin Older said...

Nice pictures, and again, good of her to come in. Hope y'all have a good day and get some good news soon.


GB said...

That is AWESOME! My daughter will be so jealous. She adores Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.