Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No big news yet..

I took Cody into the clinic for his blood work today and all is good. His doctor is pleased with the way he is recovering. He confirmed that Sloan Kettering received all of Cody's stuff. She is going to talk to the doctor up there this evening and we should know more tomorrow. If they decide to do more chemo before our visit it will probably start in the next few days.

Cody's tastes change daily. One day he likes lobster tail, one day he likes salmon. His lunch time tastes usually consisted of McDonald's nuggets or cheese burger happy meal. Now he is asking for a Big Mac. It's not the most nutritious thing but it is fattening. :D

As soon as I find out more I will post it ASAP..


Anonymous said...

Lobster tail and salmon ???!! I'd say Cody has some great taste !! A Big Mac will definitely put on some weight !!
Anxious to hear when you will leave for NY. Glad the bloodwork was good !!
Prayers and positive thoughts continue !! G2G

Trish said...

Chemo does odd things to all your senses and really makes food taste odd. It really changes daily but your body seems to know what it can handle and you crave that. I used to also get a metalic taste in my mouth - like chewing aluminum foil. Peanut butter on a spoon was the only remedy for that. My 3 year old has started including Cody in his prayers - he doesn't know who he is but he hears Tate pray for him and has added Cody to his 'God Bless' list.

Anonymous said...

i met a customer today that was on the board of directors of st. judes in tenn. she held on to codys photo during lunch.she wanted me to relay to you that the best research for codys type of cancer is at st judes.she wanted to pass this by your family . our prays our with you everyday. diane my best cousin . my heart goes out to. love always christina st pete fl.

Anonymous said...

Will check in again tomorrow. I'm
on my way to work now.Hope you hear
from NY soon.Give Cody and the rest of the gang a hug and kiss for me.
Love you all,

Monica Cassier said...

Get him a milkshake to go with his burger - they pack tons of calories!!!

He's eating some good stuff tho - like he's craving protein with the lobster and salmon...
Keep us posted... i check your blog multiple times a day...

YAY MOM for doing the comments!


Anonymous said...

Tell Cody I'll take his lobster tail on the days he doesn't want them!!

Great news that we're moving forward and you're NY bound real soon!!

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC

Anonymous said...

It may not be big news but it is good news. It is good to hear that Cody has such a healthy appetite. Continued prayers and thoughts for the entire family.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Dittos on the encouragement for the appetite, and I'll echo Monica on the Milkshake. You can work on nutritious eating later. Glad for no surprises. Hang in there.


runnergeel said...

Glad that good news comes your way! He needs fries too!

Jenny said...

I lived on ice cream during chemo, much to the chagrin of my poor oncologist who said "You can't just eat icecream! It doesn't have enough protein!" I said, um, watch me. I say Cody should eat whatever he wants! :)